A selection of the design work I have done over the last few years.

Party Conference Stand

The concept behind the party conference stand was to create a locker room environment that would be displayed at each of the different annual political parties’ conferences around the UK. At the conferences the Prostate Cancer UK Policy and Campaigns team wanted to use our Men United football shirts to get the different party leaders to sign up to our movement for men - Men United.

As the stand would also provide a backdrop for a lot of photo opportunities it was crucial that no matter where the photo was taken there would always be a part of our brand – logo, twitter address etc. – that would be visible.

The stand was a huge success and won the prize for best stand at both the Labour party conference and Liberal Democrat party conference. It was also visited by Prime Minister David Cameron as well as  other high profile political party leaders and members.

Project details

Client:   Prostate Cancer UK
Project:  Party Conference Stand
Date:     2014